Scientific Innovation


Research and innovation are the foundation of the success of Forxine and its customers. A product that performs well in the laboratory will be useless if it cannot be commercialized.

Innovation means not only new products, but also process improvement. Forxine's professional technical team is using our rich expertise in all areas of research and development. Cross-field and Cross-national cooperation,including with universities and industry partners ensure that Forxine's boron technology stays ahead of the world.

Innovation is the key to be outstanding in a challenging market environment. Our success is driven by research and development. As a global fomous boron technology company, innovation is our driving force.

Every year, Forxine invests at least 10% of sales revenue in research and development. Currently, Forxine has the international advanced research and development capacity of the whole series of boron technology.We constantly propose sustainable solutions to promote innovation and make important contributions to improve life quantity, environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and other resources.

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