Forxine,Benefit the society,Revitalize the Chinese nation.
Forxine's core value is "For the better of the optimistic struggles,Make chemistry more popular".Forxine put forward the concept of "Borane Chemistry" and solved the technical problem of industrialization of Borane Chemistry.Forxine is a pharmaceutical technology enterprise with boron technology as its core business. Forxine owns a famous boron tecchnology brand  福興 FORXINE,10000 square meters of boron technology R&D centre and internet marketing platform.

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Scientific Innovation

Products that perform well in the laboratory will be useless if they cannot be commercialized and produced on a large scale. Through unremitting R&D and production, Forxine has accumulated a lot of professional experience, and formed a huge core technology product series, specializing in efficient and stable large-scale production of complex boron-containing technology and its application products.

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Career Development

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We advocate a balance between work and life, and enhance staff cohesion and sense of belonging.

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