Forxine,Benefit the society,Revitalize the Chinese nation.
Forxine's core value is "For the better of the optimistic struggles,Make chemistry more popular".

Forxine was founded in 2014 and formally operated in 2015,located in Xinzhuang industrial park,Minhang district, Shanghai.

Forxine put forward the concept of "Borane Chemistry" and solved the technical problem of industrialization of Borane Chemistry.Forxine is a pharmaceutical technology enterprise with boron technology as its core business. Forxine owns a famous boron technology brand 福興 FORXINE,10000 square meters of boron technology R&D centre and internet marketing platform.

Forxine has achieved rapid development through technological advantages and internet marketing since founded. Forxine already has more than 1000 customers and strategic partners.

Boron technology,a creative new technology to construct biopharma molecules,has multiple advantages such as green and environmental protection, stable quality, low cost and high efficiency.Boron technology will become the core technology which will be widely used in the field of biopharma in future.

Forxine boron technology and products are in the international advanced position. In 2015,we got innovation fund of Minhang District; In 2016,we are awarded the top ten of Shanghai youth innovation and entrepreneurship competition;In 2017,we got innovation fund of Shanghaid; In 2018, we were recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai; In 2019, we were identified as the"  small giant" enterprise in minhang district, Shanghai.

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Forxine is a team of "integrity, unity, win-win, development" ,more than 60% of our members are from "985","211"universities. Our cultural concept is "Integrity-based, Optimistic struggle, Technical priority".
Forxine's business faith is "customer achievement, fair starting, legitimate operation". Forxine provides customers with "good and inexpensive" technologies and products, and provides "technology-first" platform for optimistic strivers to benefit them, and we repay the society through continuously growing tax payment.

Core Values

We achieve our vision by "meeting customers' value needs and realizing employees' ideals", and eventually become the best manufacturer, service provider and employer in the field of new chemical technology.

Core values

For the better of the optimistic struggles, the revitalization of the Chinese nation

Cultural philosophy

Integrity-based, Optimistic struggle, Technical priority

Business philosophy

“Customer achievement, Fair starting, Legitimate operation”
Customer achievement——provide products of high-quality with inexpensive price;
Fair starting——accumulate brand reputation and achieve fair value distribution to benefit our optimistic workers;
Legitimate operation——accumulate personnel reputation and social credibility, base on industry, pay tax legally, environmentally friendly, repay the society.

Sustainable Development

"Create more value with limited resources" is the core of our company's sustainable development strategy and the realization of relevant grand goals. We are devoted ourselves to create more solutions for sustainable development, meantime continue to build our corporation responsibly and obtain more profit.
We believe that a sustainable enterprise means a comprehensive consideration of economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. Focusing on sustainable development is an important factor to maintain the long-term competitive advantage.
Our business philosophy is to benefit the society, revitalize China nation, continuously improve our technology and working environment, promote environmental protection and occupational health.
For a long time, economic growth and resource consumption have been closely related. Population growth and rising living standards will lead to increasing consumption, this is a trend that will not change in the short term.
While these developments present challenges for the future, they also offer limitless potential: innovation and creating more value from limited resources are key to achieving sustainable development.

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